Ways to Spend Crypto Currency

So, you’ve taken the leap and invested in an ICO. Now what?

Well, you can hold onto your crypto currency in the hopes that its worth will continue to rise, leaving you with an even better return on your investment. You can also trade your coins, but the most alluring option is to spend them!

But, what exactly can you spend your crypto currency on? Here are a few ideas.

Spend Your Coins on Real Stuff

When crypto currency first hit the internet, it didn’t seem like it had any real worth. That is, until people actually started using their crypto currency to buy real things. A few places that accept crypto currency include:

  • Trendy bike repair shops
  • Online clothing retailers
  • Some restaurants in large cities

In addition, many stores in Japan are about ready to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, which means you can even go shopping the old-fashioned way by walking into a store. Depending on the success of the concept, other retailers all around the world are likely to follow suit in the near future.

Hit the Pub

You may not be able to walk down the street and use crypto currency to pay for your drink at the local bar, but a few pubs and clubs around the world have begun accepting this form of payment. The next time you find yourself on vacation at the Pembury Tavern in the UK or the Old Fitzroy pub in Sydney, buy your drinks with Bitcoin.

Do a Little Gambling

Gambling establishments are notorious for taking your money however you want to spend it. After all, it isn’t uncommon in poker games for gamblers to skip the cash altogether and start gambling watches, cars, and even pieces of property. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that some casinos are now accepting crypto currency.

You’re most likely to find this option when you gamble online, but that may not be the case soon. A few casinos in Las Vegas accept the currency for goods and services. It stands to follow that casinos will soon allow you to gamble with it as well.

Turn It Into Real Money

What if you could turn your crypto currency into real money? It wasn’t that long ago that this simply wasn’t an option, but as it gains steam as a real form of currency, it will become easier and easier to turn it into real money.

Some websites enable you to purchase gift cards to major online retailers at a discount using your crypto currency. For example, one website allows you to purchase gift cards to Amazon at 15 percent off.