US Economy is in Decline and the Market will Crash?

US private sector added 250,000 jobs in Dec, vs estimate of 190,000: ADP biggest gain since March last year. and we need a Soviet Job Guarantee?:)

People who deny facts, math, data and resort vague hunches and feelings of “Fake Gov’t Data” are always doomed to fail. Something bad will happen eventually is not an economic or investing thesis.

So why is this happening? Why does the economy keep improving? Loan Growth slowing, Deficits shrinking, imports increasing etc.. The answer is simple. Money is flowing from the Savings bubble back into the functional economy in the form of investment at a higher rate.

This is what I have advocated for with “fewer hours worked per year” would occur. Unlike using massive deficits rapidly into the functional economy to reach this stage, fewer jobs would accomplish the same outcome but with a lot fewer deficits as we utilize work hours instead of “printing” to reach full employment to spur on wage inflation and make it desirable for businesses to invest back into the functional economy instead hoarding savings and pushing up asset prices.

So all you anti-gov’t and anti-American, bear schitters out there pumping all this doom and gloom need to stop! And learn Real Macro Economics and Pure MMT!