THE REAL ECONOMY since the 2016 tax cuts to 2018 has produced little investment

THE REAL ECONOMY (as Logan Mohtashami would that is kicking ass) since the 2016 tax cuts to 2018 has produced little investment and growth to the economy.

Conversely it has send stocks soaring into euphoria. This debunks 2 sets of economic crazies that are on opposite ends and neither understand REAL WORLD MACRO ECONOMICS.

Logan Mohtashami the Perma Bull with his broken model that includes a New LEI model that did not exist in 2007 and a housing market that never showed 2000 crash coming this both useless.

The MMT crowd Perma bears that nothing is ever good enough despite the longest job & economic expansion in history eho run around in the middle of a labor shortage saying everyone is unemployed and we need a Societ job guarantee. We need more endless trillions in deficits bc that will lead to economic growth. Despite the self evident math facts and data that shows GDP/DEBT is grossly underperforming.

Both these economic nut jobs got it all wrong.

Logan takes credit for new all time highs in stocks thx to massive deficits and stimulus with zero corporate earnings growth and decelerating PMI ISMs GDP population adjusted Housing and Car sales etc..

MMT that promised more debt = our savings and more GDP growth as a result of more deficits. When in reality the more debt that has been created $250 trillion of Global debt has lead to only $85 trillion of Global GDP. More specifically Japan Debt to GDP is 250% with zero growth and the US debt to GDP of 108% has lead to slower and slower GDP growth.

  • 🔹️Despite $1 trillion or 4.5% Deficit to GDP
  • 🔹️Tax cuts
  • 🔹️REPOs
  • 🔹️NOT QE
  • 🔹️Lower interest rates

Both are selling people distorted false information of what is going on in the real world of economics for personal gain.