$SPX Covered 1 of 2 positions @ 2144 for another profit.

With this move I improve my cash position, while improving cost basis in SPX, bringing the portfolio to a more even balance of exposure.

$GBPJPY open position has rally made a impact to my profit for the year down -4.5%. Portfolio is now down to $610 from the once glorious $800 profit. Like I said before next time we hear the word “stimulus” we will run for the mountains knowing, it means more deflationary policies. Lesson learned!! Never the less, I am chilled.

$GBPUSD is holding the line as expected.

$NZDUSD I am thinking to increase my short position in the NZD and buying the dollar. As always I will post the trade.

Turning points in markets are always tricky. Just have to be cautious, reduce exposure when possible and be patient. Volatility works both ways. Keeping that in mind and using it to your advantage, helps keep you a cool cat.

Author Jim Boukis