$OIL “near pre-sanctions levels”

What this headline tells me, is that there is limited upside to Iranian output. That to me means BULLISH! Sure we can still see massive fuckery and huge PSYCH moves in price. BUT Like I said 1000 times before, people loved OIL at $120 and hate the schitt out of it at $40! I need you to be Warren Buffet on this one, because you know we are right! Position size is key! Remember that.😉

When I feel like I am an Iranian gay activist in the middle of Tehran Square advocating for gay rights and schitt looks all wrong!! I usually end up being right. This has been my experience. 😛

Author Jim Boukis

P.S. Hardcore analysis is not even needed. There is lack of demand in the world economy. Either China, Western Europe, or the U.S. HAS to do some sort of new deal eventually unless those countries want revolutions to start brewing. Once such new deal like programs come into existence, oil is going to be consumed like crazy. Hell, even if there is a “green” element to these “new deals”, they still need oil to jump start it. All those internet right-libertarian idiots are still pushing gold to idiots, while we are here setting ourselves up to make some money.