Most Important Chart Of My Life!

Here is a chart I first created back in 2005 that eventually lead me to believe something was not right with the economy. (Note how Household liabilities started to rise in 2000 till it almost exceeded GDP in 2007) By 2006 to 2007, I began warning of a crisis to come. Everyone laughed at me. That made me realize we were in big fucken trouble! Did I know how bad? No! Never the less, I pulled my money from everything and watched it all unfold. Took a few tiny positions on the way down, only to be creamed, hours if not minutes later.

Today I look at the same chart returning to it’s long term trend and all I hear about, is a coming economic Apocalypse. LOL! (Note where we are today). Nothing could be further from the truth. We are fine, in fact, stocks will soar in the years ahead, absent of some EUR collapse etc.. that cannot be seen today.

Right now, we need cockroaches to sell the market so we can squeeze the schitt out of them later. But I fear it won’t happen. I WANT THE SCHIFFBOTS MONEY! I AM CRAVING IT! I NEED IT BAD! I CAN SMELL IT! TASTE IT EVEN! But I fear the market will leave the lights on and we’ll just continue to go higher.

DON’T BE FEARFUL! Just apply proper position size relative to your account size. We know what others DON’T!

Author Jim Boukis