Making America Great Again Thx to Orange Boy!

As I have said in the past we are in wave 5 in the stock market near a top. Economy looks like Schitt, higher rates will not help, Trump wants to cut cut cut. Oil demand is a huge Global problem and a good leading indicator. Producing less does not make people spend more, Credit decelerating growth NOT good for the economy, lack of Global demand economies meaning exporters of their currency will not fuel international trade, devaluing their currencies in order to drive up inflation short term, WILL NOT put more money in people’s pocket to grow their economies, Austerity in EZ will not work, Everyone trying to Exports with no importers in sight will not work. Trump Optimism Will not Work! Eventually my words will match the stock market. Remember stocks are perfect at predicting, not accurately pricing value. It is up to us to understand when those disconnects occur and pounce on them and make money. Knowledge is what makes an investor successful, not guessing.