It is not a lie if you make people believe the lie

Social Media Economic gurus think ‘It is not a lie if you make people believe the lie’.

Over the last 10 years these names below have fear-mongered millions and millions of unsuspecting people without any shame or remorse what so ever for the lies they spread.

They justify their epic decade-long failure of constantly predicting market Armageddon by claiming that they are merely pointing out “Flaws in the system”—a system they do not themselves understand. They push their Doom & Gloom porn on clients—only to keep that finger pointed at ‘those evil people’ that will crash our financial system (while sucking 12b-1 & other Assets Under Management fees out from client’s life savings every 90 days).

They turn people against their Gov’t, divide citizens against each other, cause people to stay away from the longest stock bull market in history; and even worse, they have even advised them to short equities using margin (causing them to lose millions).

They act like they are ‘looking out for you’ (your life savings) when all they have really done is line their own pockets (with part of your life savings). They do this easily, by regurgitating their political agenda disguised as economic theory; and mostly importantly, by always promising that something bad will happen. If not soon, then eventually. Rinse & Repeat, Day in & Day out, for years.

Under the guise of being wealth managers, financial experts, PhD economists, Ivy-league scholars, etc., instead of providing financial services, what they really offer is providing undue stress on yourself, your missing out on huge profit opportunities for retirement accounts such as your 401k, plus you getting in personal fights between your friends, colleagues and family members over financial matters.

Instead of apologizing to clients with all the damage they caused and accept responsibility their actions, they make up ridiculous excuses for themselves such as ‘getting the timing down is hard’.

Well if it is hard then maybe they don’t know what they are talking about and need to STFU! No?

When someone like me calls them out on their bullschitt they are all very quick to hang up on me and others like me to keep the scam going. These people have no honor!

I caution and urge you all to stop listening and supporting these scam artists—that only cause harm to you and our society overall.