Investing MMT Guidelines

– Use demo Account
– Use Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case, the simpler one is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is.
– Never put yourself in a position to feel pain, stress, anxiety, fear. Any such emotions trigger automatic stop out. Trading must be pleasurable to enable learning and support good habits.
– No BAD “Mental Game” (buy and hold till trade is profitable) unless you are doing it to build a position over time for a large trade with a long time horizon.
– Do not trade daily profit targets
– MMT is not to be used for trading day to day week to week or even month to month. MMT is to be thought of as a cycle in the macro economy and or will a headline news event alter the MMT outlook.
– No Guessing, Degenerate Gambling, conspiracies “THEY”
– No predictions
– No Trading of Cute stories that seem logical or my uncle said….
– No Placing a trades for a news event
– No moving averages, Oscillators, conventional symmetrical support resistance, Bots, Fibo, candle sticks, wicks, Eliot waves, Gann’s charts etc..
– No line can violate price at anytime
– If a structure is not playing out, stop out
– A brake of a line in of itself means little, structure is what matters
– Do not trade to be right (bunch of small profits) Trade to make money
– Don’t be a dick for a tick, meaning you will not buy or sell if it does not reach some magical price level.