From the Begining! PART 1

Let’s go qll the way back to a barter economy and ask yourself who would dare ask for a free Gov’t paid Pony? Obviously no one!

This is where the frame of reference must begin. Because the entire economy was based on production. No one had a bullschitt unproductive job. Because they would starve to death.

A lot has changed since then. Both good and bad. But when you have economic bullschitt theories like #FAKEMMT completely disregarding production as the driving force and capitalism where savings are recycled back to direct investment into the productive economy. The bullschitt flag has to be thrown and ejected from the game.

FAKEMMTERS pushing for a Soviet style Unproductive job guarantee is a violation and bullschitt flag must be thrown. Unproductive jobs funded by Govt and not the savings from production is a direct violation of capitalism.

The very reason FAKEMMTERS can pass this free lunch bullschitt is because Capitalism has afforded us this luxury. Not in a billion years would we be talking about free lunches from Govt if capitalism has not made America so productive and rich. Lifting millions out of poverty.

You don’t believe me? Go apply JG in some 3rd world country. They can’t! It would not work! They economy would still be shit if not worse off. If it doesn’t produce a bigger better economy there why would it work here? VOODOO ECONOMICS!

Every single job that is worth doing for production and profit the private sector already provides. No CEO is saying hey we can make money doing this but nahh!!! Not going to do it! That is insane thinking! If you fund such a productive area please go out and do it! But you all know there isn’t!

More on part 2.