Hello all I have this wonderful great Idea for using MMT

We should use free money printed from Gov’t to create a Soviet Style Labor Camp GUARANTEE! When the unemployment rate is 4.1% and prime age 25-54 is at 3.4%. Under no circumstances should we acknowledge the people that are working full-time jobs. ONLY FOCUS on the few that are left unemployed, whom we can throw in Labor Camp Guarantee to peel gum off our sidewalks and plant flowers in our neighborhood so we may all live better. They get 23k to feed a family of 4 and we get gum free sidewalks and flowers. WIN! WIN! We who are superior beings to these 3rd class citizens and know MMT from little copy paste memes, are morally obligated to fight for these untouchables. We will offer this brilliant Soviet Style Labor camp Guarantee as a gesture of good faith that is in their best interest. In reality, they won’t get to keep a single red cent. Instead, they will spend all their money back into the economy. Borrow on top of that to deal with lifes btich slapping, and even take those private debt created money and pump those $$$s into the functional economy while we get the savings and they get stuck with the debt! We will all be better off. We will take those dollars spend them and get new Iphone X until those $$$s flow to the top 5% of the population who are the savers, so they can go out and speculate in stocks. bonds. real estate etc.. Remember Gov’t debt = Private sector assets the vast majority flows to the top 5% of the population. Isn’t this Kock Brothers FAKEMMT stuff great? Lets recap!

Soviet Labor Camp Guarantee accomplishes the following

We are smarter than others cause we can read copy-paste memes, regurgitate and parrot cute oversimplified sound bites about complex macroeconomics. Such as “Taxes don’t fund Gov’t Spending!” and “TAXES ARE DESTROYED”! Except for the fact that the Gov’t shut down recently.

We FAKE MMTers are God-like, telling others to do this undignified work we ourselves would never do!

Create a 3rd class untouchables like India has, we just won’t tell them that. VOCABULARY IS IMPORTANT! Avoid Soviet Style Labor Camp Guarantee at all costs! Job = Good, Guarantee = Good remember that. VOCABULARY MATTERS! Papa Koch is very clear on this!

We are Holy and Morally superior to those against us. Remember they are either with us or against us! Fist up in the air comrades!

We get Gum free sidewalks and flower-filled neighborhoods and Iphone X while getting evil Gov’t (wink) to print more $$$s from thin air to pay for this schitt!

Savers (top 5%) get to keep all those Public and Private created $$$s 23k a pop! So they can go out to speculate in asset classes.

The economy appears better as the savings bubble for the top 5% explodes higher at 23k a pop and economic data now looks better. So they can buy even more gov’t officials. Always a good thing!

As good FAKEMMTers we are totally against anything that does not require Gov’t money printing, Bureaucracy as a solution!! We are also against anything that addresses private debt, the savings bubble, and asset inflation! WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS! VOCABULARY IS IMPORTANT! Reducing work hours for all to create full employment and wage growth that does not require money printing to feed the top 5% is A BIG FUCKEN NO! NO! AS FAKEMMTers PRINTING IS THE ONLY OPTION! REMEMBER THAT! THERE CAN NEVER EVER BE ANY OTHER SIMPLE SOLUTION!

Source www.facebook.com/PureMMT/posts/2018238211779634