#GBPUSD As you all know

#GBPUSD As you all know I have been bullish on GBP since BREXIT. To all the newbies who busted my balls about it. I have to say is “I TOLD YOU SO!”
Every time the GBP went down they were masturbating and taking victory laps.

  • They were calling for GBP 1.10.
  • They said “You don’t understand Politics NICK!”.
  • They told me to take stop losses on it when they didn’t understand the difference between INVESTMENT and TRADING! We did both.
  • A flash crash occurred therefor A FLASH CRASH WILL ALWAYS OCCUR!
  • On and on!

There are times to INVEST in something and Times to TRADE it! Knowing, when to do what, comes from knowledge, MMT understanding and experience. We did both in GBP. As you can see now GBP is now up 8% from the bottom.

Lesson! Never allow the short term vague hunches and feelings affect your investment. You are taking today’s sentiment and exchanging it for tomorrows Sentiment. That is how you make money. NOT GUESSING BETTER THAN THE NEXT GUY!


Author Jim Boukis

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  1. Once again, right on the numbers, Nick! truly impressed!!

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