FAKEMMT can’t buy votes without free Govt money

FAKEMMT can’t buy votes without free Govt money, work hard in whatever it is you do, produce, be innovative leta find a way to keep deficts low when we can but still provide healthcare to all, improve opportunities for those who are down on their luck, better educate our citizens at a reasonable cost. Why? Their whole thing is about deficts. Not running with more deficts would be like Christian’s against christ. Self defeating.

So what do they do? Pretend they are moral, bleeding hearts, anti Gov’t, pitch fork the rich, free stuff for the “poor” wink wink. Public purpose, wonk wink. They know they sucker in a great deal of people who actually do feel this way.

Reality? All they want is to push the Neo Liberal agenda of welfare for the top 5% while making it seem it’s for the “poor”.

It’s the old joke where a guy bets the bartender $1000 he can piss in a shot glass and not a drop will spill at the end of the bar counter
He ends up pissing all over the bartender. Bartender starts laughing his ass off cause he won $1000. Then the guy aks him you are laughing at me? Bartender said yup, you are an idiot! Guys says yeah but I places a bet with that guy over there, for $10,000 that I can piss all over you and you will be laughing too.

So you see my friends it is the same thing with #FAKEMMT. The true bleeding hearts blindly follow the voodoo economics because they want good things for the world. Reality? Remeber trickle down economics? $21 trillion and OUR savings is OUR private debt we are 5he 95% are all stuck with while the top 5% THEIR savings. Trickle up is just as bad.

In the end all deficits end up in savings. Just like MMT says. It’s TRUE! The problem is, it is not “OUR” savings as Natasha Kelton claims it is but rather “THEIR” savings. That is why Natasha Blocked me from Twitter when I asked her that question. Who is “OURS”? You mean “THEIRS”!

Because the reality is businesses (Thiers the top 5%) cannot have a profit/savings unless the household (OURS) DISSAVES! Which obviously means govt Govt deficits = savings fornthe top 5%.

Its an outrage! But no one is listening. 🙁 The 95% are being pissed on while the oligarchs get the $10,000 in savings. Just like the joke. Oldest trick in the book.

There are far better ways to achieve good sound economics while making life better for the 100%. Its called PUREMMT! As the days progress we will show you how.