EU Road Trips

Motoring enthusiasts of all ages and abilities love to get out on the open road and enjoy the huge range of wonderful cities and breath taking scenery that can be found in Europe. However, with the uncertainty of Brexit hopping across the Channel for a road trip may not be as easy in the future, so now is the time to start planning and preparing to make the EU road trip you’ve always wanted to take.

This infographic gives you a taste of the fabulous Continental trips waiting to be discovered. So, plan your route to the French Alps, Italy, Norway and Germany to discover new horizons with our help. Tackle roads through the Alps that will have you in a spin, enjoy the open roads in Germany or give yourself an adrenaline rush as you drive through mountain passes and round hairpin bends in Italy and Norway.

We have also included information on great places to stay along your journey and added some interesting sights for your to explore en route.

Before you cross the Channel to begin your adventure you’ll need to make sure your have all the correct documentation, and that your car conforms to European driving regulations, so we have included a handy list of the things you’ll need.

Don’t be put off driving on the Continent, if your car isn’t up to the job we have some great suggestions for the ultimate car to take you on the EU road trip of a lifetime.

EU Road Trip