Customers Don’t come from Mars!

Maintaining max employment should not be limited to deficits and setting short rates. It must also include hours worked. Thus adjust overtime pay and days off throughout the year to push up wages, benefits, & education costs.

Remember employees and customers are the same people. By adjusting overtime and days-off annually will either boost overtime pay or create more jobs. More pay boosts consumption that boosts productivity and requires more employees with more paychecks to consume with. More overtime pay again boosts more jobs and drives consumption, production and more jobs.

This leads to a human capital scarcity funded by Profit/savings. Not deficits! It also boosts tax revenue that reduces deficits. As productivity rises debt to GDP falls as does Savings inequality. As wages and paychecks rise businesses have more customers as such revenue and profits grow. This is a solution for the 100% with minimal Govt intervention and no pitchforking the rich.

As wages and jobs grow it will create a Human capital scarcity (job problem solved); it will push businesses to offer better benefits (healthcare retirement problem solved); it will also require a higher-skilled workforce that Businesses will pay for since they require more of those jobs to continue to grow (Training/ continued-eduction problem solved); and finally, less hours worked will increase productivity as employees are well rested (death by overwork solved). As a result employees will have more time to be with their families, something that has been lacking in recent decades (Family problem solved).

Clients from Mars.

Everything that the 100% desires can be accomplished in an economically sound manner that will benefit the 100%. Real Macro Economics and not the dentists handing out free candy to children till their teeth fall out.

Alternatively you can allow yourself to be skillfully deceived by FAKEMMTERS and keep asking for exponentially more and more deficits to keep us afloat and ultimately end up with more savings for the top 5%, let the currency devalue, let the debt to GDP continue rising, let the private debt bubble keep growing till inflation hits before it’s too late and then deal with the consequences of austerity (that only the 95% will be on the hook to pay as the top 5% take their massive savings-thx to deficits-and run to bigger and better places.

The Q1 $2.25 trillion of profits did not come from MARS! It came from households dissavings. Coul you imagine if the all those PROFIT/SAVINGS were spent back into the functional economy what we could afford as customers?