Connecting the dots!

Lately I am focusing on pattern recognition for you guys. We have been over the, economic aspect of trading, Mosler’s MMT vs others, the fuckery aspect of trading, buy and hold buffet schitt, vs in and out trading and when to apply which tool, Buying 3, 5% pull backs and selling rallies, mechanics of trading position size, leverage etc., “mental game” lol effective and ineffective, risk profile, “Stop losers and Stop goers” Смайлик «tongue» News, data degenerate gambling schitt, Chart Analysis DXY, EUR, GBP, SPX, DAX FXI EEM etc.. Comparison Chart, Allowing charts to tell you what is going on, Not what you THINK! Market leaders (Jumbos), Scams, Advisory list and blind spots etc..

You may or may not have noticed that I have been introducing and focusing on different aspects of investing over time. This was done as to not overwhelm and confuse people by telling them look you have to learn this this this and that! ZOINKS!

When I first got hired to fly for an airline, I had no idea that to what extend of knowledge I would require just to enter a simulator let alone fly an aircraft as a first officer. I was told to only focus on one brick that was given to me. By the end of the three months I will have a skyscraper. Indeed that was true. I could draw from memory a schematic of every system, Hyd, Elect, Pneumatic etc.. of course tell you in detail what every button did, law, company regulation, stand operating procedure, Weather formations, airport equipment operations and limits, time critical decision making, resource management, customer service, on and on. In a very short period of time. While I had some idea of what was to come. I really didn’t. Had someone laid it out of what was expected of me. I probably would have walked out thinking this is not possible.

While trading investing is not as black and white as flying. I tried to apply the same principle of one brick at a time. Incorporating MMT into investing is not easy as there are no guidelines or books or mentors etc. At the same time, If I screwed it up badly, it would reflect very poorly on MMT. Writing is definitely not my best attribute! Talking to av monitor I despise! Had to deal with some egos, trolls and some real ass holes! Having a real job and incorporating this into my already busy life, has been challenging. Non the less I did not give up, made my share of mistakes, learned a lot along the way and will continue to do so.

While there is always more to put out there and improve on, the vast majority of Investing MMT components has now been completed. I will now move into a more freestyle type of trading investing. Where I am not worried so much about getting a point across in my trades. ie GBP entry, exit, bullish, bearish, trade around a position “mental game”, buy and hold, news versus MMT fundamental economic reality etc..

You guys have been around long enough to be able to recognize by now what I am doing and why without me having to stay with a trade to emphasize a point and use various tools to see the trade through. As I said more Freestyle trading investing.

Athor Jim Boukis