Ask yourself?

Do you want Employers to fight over you?
Do you want more investment form Businesses?
To you want higher wages?
Paid higher education by employers?
More days off? More vacation, sick days, family leave, personal days?
More family time overall?
Better working conditions?
Without bigger govt?
No new special Govt program?
With no significant additional deficits?
No added bureaucracy?
More productivity?
More consumption?
Lower debt to income ratio?
Enjoy automation to the fullest?
No entitlements.
No free lunch.
No get the rich.
No higher taxes.
While maintaining capitalism and really making America Great again with one very simple move.

You are wondering how all this is possible? Seems unreal? Well, it’s not. All you have to do is ask your lawmakers to reduce the number of hours people work over the course of a year till we reach full employment which will create a condition for steady healthy wage growth. Remember employees are the customers. They are the same person. Thus more discretionary income more you have to pay down debt and consume without having to borrow. Thus corporate revenue and profits will rise along with stock prices that are tied to fundamentals and not excesses savings which are used to manipulate the numbers via stock buy backs etc.. which we are seeing today.

To argue against reduction of hours is to argue that an economy at full employment, is unhealthy and doesn’t work properly. We could debate that. Fewer hours = higher wages.

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