Q. Are we crashing?

A. Not yet. Even if we did go straight down 35% 40% you should not sell. These moves only effects leveraged traders who tend to be degenrate gamblers. All you need to do as investors is keep adding and not look at the markets and listen to fear mongering social media bait clicks.

Q. Will the market make new highs soon?

A. No. we are in a sideways market for now. A lot of ups and downs extreme moves. Pay no mind to it as a long term investor. Nonmatter which way you think it will go you will end up wrong.

Q. This looks like a top to me, besides it’s been 10 years so it has to fall.

A. If only we could all trade based on looks, and almanacs we would all be rich. Since we are not you know your likely going to be wrong. As I am sure you have tried that approach in the past 10 years and got your ass handed to you. You still haven’t learned?
Nothing fundamentally suggest so at this time.

Q. Did the FED raising rates cause this?

A. No. We had these drops before. This is normal marker behavior.

Q. Did Trump and trade wars cause the market to drop?

A. No, a few hundred billion dollars will not significantly cause damage to an $80 trillion GDP economy. That is like saying a few pennies more in taxes as percentage of your your total income will have a meaningful impact in your purchasing behavior.

Q. What does the technical charts tell you? It looks bad!

A. There are no market leaders right now. Big tech is being sold off causing a lot of volatility. We should see a big bounce in the market within the context of a sideways market. How it bounces and pauses will tell us a lot. If we were to make a bearish formation, I will be sure to let you know as I have in the past.

Q. Aren’t higher rates inflationary for the dollar? Why does it keep going up?

A. No higher rates are not inflationary and do not devalue the dollar. There are many moving parts one must understand and consider. It keeps going up because it is the best safest currency on the planet. Eventually, it will come down as investors start to bottom pick and find value in other currencies. But we are not there yet.

Q. Is Bitcoin going to zero?

A. While I do agree Bitcon is worthless, it will not go to zero. Casinos are worthless too. All they do is take people’s money but they are still around and people love to give them a boat load of money everyday. As mentioned before bitxon couls easily go to $2500 but it is a buying oppertunity for the longer term. Of you buy small and build a position WITHOUT LEVERAGE!! Set it forget.

Q. Why is Oil down so much? OPEC said…

A. Oil is based on Global Demand. When the Global demand is not accelerating in growth as expected the price falls. From a technical perspective, this should not be a surprise. It has done this in the past 3 times. Can it go lower? Absolutely, as low as $20 if you can believe it or not. Are these kinds of moves tradable? No! If you tried to and succeeded you have blown your account out hundreads of time going for somthing like this, because they are extremely rare.

Q. I read a news article, report, sentiment chart, website, book, theory on Stocks, bonds, Bitcon, Oil…… and it said…. what do you think?

A. No one made money reading that crap. EVER!

Q. I am a short term trader and volatility is my friend. I some times am making a lot of money only to lose it again and more. What do I do?

A. You are a degenerate gambler and guessing. Trading/investing is not about guessing or predicting the fururr. It is about knowledge and good risk/rewards entries for the longer term. That means you understand macroneconomics and charting. Managing risk means you are comfortable with saying Oh I am Wrong! Click! Being your own analyst is key.

Q. What If I hedge my position trading short term with leverage? After all that is what Hedge Funds do right?

A. Wrong! First off you dont know how to hedge, second I can show you hundreds of Hedge funds that blew up “hedging”. 99% of the time the Word “Hedge” means I dont known WTF I am doing but I need to trade and be in the market. Admit it, you are a degenerate Gambler.

Q. I a fundemwntal guy/gal I like to buy and hold good companies with dividends till I make a profit. Fundamentals are key to long term investing like Buffet. I like what you are saying.

A. Bullschitt! This is Code for “I am superman girl, I just chose not to fly or stop bullets.” Buffet has lost a great many of times. Picking companies is even harder than understanding Macro Economics. CFO gets up and leaves cause of shady shit and your long term investment just went POOF! Along with any profits you may have in your portfolio. You dont have 20 years of your life to prove that theory wrong.

Q. How do I become my own analyst? It’s hard.

A. No it’s not hard, it just takes time and a bit of effort with someone who can teach it to you in real time. Not hind sight selling you cute little storiess. If you are interested Join us at Real Macro Investing at

Where we teach you how to fish not hand out free fishes and false promises of being rixh overnight. We hope to see you soon!