3% interest rates. And???

I won’t go into why it is or it isn’t important here. That is for my friends who subscribe to my patreon. But I will tell you this. Just like in Bitcoin we called the recent top and made money. A point comes when trying to short the last tick becomes Degenerate Gambling and not worth the risk reward. Which is why I told subscribers back then to ONLY LOOK FOR BUYS below $7200. Which we bought. Many looked at me as crazy at the time since the price was more than $9000.

Today the price of Bitcoin is $9600 about 40 to 50% up from where we bought $6500 range. It took time patience and not trading every little Move as most people wanted to. Some got so frustrated they unsubscribed. I am sure they the ate still trying to short losing thier ass.

Finally to my point, the same applies here with stocks today. A LOT OF FAKENEWS about 3% rates out there bt you don’t want to short!! You should be looking for buying opportunities. NOT SHORT!

Forget about the nonsense FAKEMMTERS eho are running around screaming inflation for the past 3 years and inflation ia still around 2%. USDJPY is a perfect example feom 104 to 109 CRUSHING the FAKEMMT crowed.

The FED raises rates when the economy is IMPROVING to prevent heating up inflation it foresees. Backnwhen they started to raise rates everyone thought that they FED was crazy. Because th internet economist and FAKEMMTERS DID NOT SEE WHAT THE FED SAW IN 2015. Today inflation remains low at 2%. Why? Rates are working as we approach full employment. Contrary to what FAKEMMTERS believe with thier rediculous Neo liberal Job Guarantee = work requirement, The death of social safety nets for Americans while fueling more private debt based on a Soviet style JG. Only rates then won’t be only 3% they will be much, much higher.

Don’t fall for the FAKENEWS & FAKEMMT Keep it PUREMMT

Look fo buy set ups.