Dubai Creek Beach is primed to be one of the most famous local tourist hotspots in Dubai! Located alongside the watery lines of Dubai Creek, this man-made beach haven is being developed by Emaar properties to offer potential guests a unique residential city experience! Upon a prospective handover date of 2021, you will find plenty of positives coming over from the locals of Dubai, on why they are all very excited for this one of great new residential projects in Dubai!

In Dubai, you will find many residential communities situated alongside the beautiful shorelines of Dubai. Blessed with crystal blue waters and wonderful breezes being blown by the encompassing ocean winds, it is argued that Dubai can be known to be the best place for you to enjoy some private and personal time under the hot sun. Nevertheless, familiar places like Jumeirah Beach will require you to allocate some time to plan out your daily activities due to travel distances, if you are looking to visit other areas of the city. This is where Dubai Creek Beach will surely meet your needs!

Dubai Creek Beach will offer a unique beach-going experience where your environment will be overlooking the sprawling mega structures of Dubai! Instead of the open blank spaces of the ocean gaze, you will be staring over the majestic views of towering structures like the Burj Khalifa while splashing around in the open waters of the shoreline! Not to mention the appeal of nearby retail and trade shops available around Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour, a stay in Dubai Creek Beach will likely turn into a permanent one in the future!

Dubai Creek Beach apartments will offer various types of residential accommodations to suit any type of people visiting Dubai. Individuals ranging from white-collar executives to small families will find a proper living space here in Dubai Creek, to be able to enjoy all these in front of your own doorstep! You can look forward to experiencing a grand and chic living space, enjoying both work-life perks of staying close to the city.

Upon all these shared, it is clear that Dubai Creek Beach will only help further in growing the tourism sector of Dubai. Being unique than Dubai’s other relatable popular hotspots, Dubai Creek Beach will become a prime location for visitors looking to experience a change in environment and also business investors considering to get involved with Dubai’s profitable real estate industry.