While FAKEMMT tries to push the doom and gloom of America

While FAKEMMT tries to push the doom and gloom of America, that without FAKEMMT prescription deficit spending trillions upon trillions in deficits we are all doomed etc.. here is the reality.

The United States of America is the fastest growing developed economy on the planet. 3.8% employment, 3.4% wage growth, 1.8% productivity growth, 7.6 million job openings more than people looking for job. 160 million American Workers, 2.9% GDP growth, the list is endless. Record breaking economic data I have mentioned endlessly.

If it were not for the US importing $600 billion the EU, China, Japan and the rest of the emerging markets would be suffering today. The EU especially would be on fire today without the US consumption to keep their economies going.

It is vitally important that people stop listening to the Neo Marxist FAKEMMT America is in decline wannabe economist psuedo intellectual crazies on social media. You all really need to grasp just how powerful the US economy really is. 5% of Global population producing 25% of Global GDP with $150 trillion in assets.

The United States of America has never EVER been more economically stronger. These are just the facts. We are doing this with a balanced budget. But deficits are nearly $1 trillion? How can we be balanced budget? $600 billion plus leaves our shores to import and $300 plus billion are paid in interest to savers the top 1%. What is the net $s for the 95%? A big goose egg. ZERO! But MMT says we need more deficts to have jobs and higher wages. Well they are factually wrong.