What is success?

Many believed that being successful is having big mansion,money, private jet and expensive cars. I am wondering whether materials are the ones that define our success. Still, many parents out there they are motivating their children to tell having materials will them being successful in life, yet they never defined the word success itself.
This misconception leading many to think that having materials define your success. The truth is, success itself brings peace of mind and joy of life. And other thing is this, being successful leads to your completion of your dreams and goals and how maintain your success.

If people must know the real truth that the materials do not define your success, many would have redirect this misconception. Jesus Christ success was not laying on having materials, why? —because materials do fade away but souls live for eternity. To tell the TRUth Christ even said that we must not worried about what we will wear, eat, drink, or shelter—because He knew that life itself has purpose, goals or dreams needed to succeeded in this life . This life is acts a training section of next eternity life, in other words, if you fail to be successful in this life, then you won’t understand the purpose of next life. This happened because life itself is purpose and purpose is success by itself. To define success clearly, success is living to complete the purpose of God design Identification. To add more, each creation is designed to be successful by completing purpose, not by how much materials you have ?

God Himself never said I made it or I am successful because He has all materials He needs, but He was successful because He brought His purpose to completion. If you understand what is your purpose, then your success will be revealed the moment you complete your purpose. In other words, know your purpose and bring it its completion then you can tell I made it or you are successful in life.