The FAKEMMT Trojan horse

How does a person spot a Trojan Horse? Not just in #FAKEMMT but in anything. I will give you an example using #FAKEMMT

1Trojan Horses always are fix all ideologies. Print and we will fix all the wrongs of the world.

2 Us versus them. We smart, they stupid. We good they bad. We will be rich (who we hate) they will be poor (who we love) you see the contradiction right? We are moral they are not. There always has to be a villain to a good bullschitt marketing story.

3 The tactic used in the Iraw war. Those who were opposed to the were somehow ended up being framed tht they were against OUR military troops. Same in #FAKEMMT if you are against large deficits and giving away free stuff to all, than you hate the poor, sick elderly, and against clean water, fresh air, etc.. Because the cult indoctrination has brainwashed people to believe that there can never ever be any other way to fix these things BUT TO PRINT endless money. Which by the way only benefits the rich using these progressive talking points as a means to funnel trillions to the top 5%.

4 You must look at key words and quantify them. What you will usually find these key metaphorical words have zero value. For example the word “money”. Endless definitions of what we all know simply as money. A good marketing sales person will seek to alter words that are commonly known by all. The goal is to muddy the waters. So they will dazzle you with hidden unknown meanings that the salesman is willing to share this mystic hidden meanings with you. They will enrich you with privileged information that only a few handful of smart people know about. Such as the word “FUND”. The word fund means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Author? Warren Molsler. Word fuckery! Deficits are “OUR” savings in the private sector. Leading one to believe that the only reason you dont have enough savings is because deficits are too small. When in fact wxcessive deficits always end up with the top 5% as savings. As the last almost 50 years have proven. You dont need me to tell you about inequality. It is a well documented fact of life. Anyone with internet can Google deficits and inequility charts to see how they move together.

5 You must learn a new language and feel that what you are learning is either somehow very new and scientific or a natural and ancient. Gold bugs used Gold as an always money that was somehow “REAL”. MMT uses the word “Modern” and “THEORY” scientific. There I nothing modern about spending more then we collect in taxes. We known thi since the 1930s there is no theory about the effects of excessive deficits. We already know the few get it and the vast majority don’t. Not a modern theory that is a fact of life! In a recent post by Natasha Kealton she posted that we can print but not endlessly we must “OFFSET” code for cut spending and raise taxes. Unpopular words and death to the #FAKEMMT brand of free stuff for all. But they do use the word “JOB” and define it as GUARANTEED you show up and get paid. Do you provide any service that provides a service or solves a problem? Nope! Private sector does that and makes a profit off of it. So call it what it is, the biggest charity or welfare system full of bueracracy and corruption in the making. But remeber!! It has to be OFFSET as Natasha Kelton said. The double talk that all Trojan horses can never hide. Gold is real money but you cant buy a happy meal with it. Another example is “We can print to inflation.” Great! and then what? Oh we will OFFSET. Code for cutting even more spending and taxing even more. In short AUSTERITY! We all know how that is working out in EU countries. Nothing Modern or Theory about AUSTERITY. The Govt will bo longer be able to FUND OUR (top 5%) savings and the 95% will be stuck maintaining or paying down the public and private debts with a devalueating currency as the top 5% sell their (OUR) dollars savings and move on to greener pastures. No more free stuff, no more “JOB” “GUARANTEES no more GREEN deals or free educations and endless free imports. But it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it. That my friends is not modern nor theory!

Be careful what you are told to believe. Listen carefully to the words used and the things promised by cheap snake oil salesmen with a lot of word fuckery!