Savings Bubble More Evidence

Once again I present to you proof that there two different types of economies in the private sector. Functional Economy vs Non-Functional Economy. Gov’t has been shut down and the non-functional savings bubble doesn’t give a schitt. The stock market rose this morning as Gov’t deficits over the years have = Private Sector Savings over the years which continue to push cash in asset prices like stocks.

Below is the Nasdaq index. Clear evidence there are two different economies within the private sector. Because they understand that this Gov’t shut down is just garbage.

So if you academics and political economic ignorant people keep insisting on Soviet Style Job Guarantee and UBI, all you accomplishing is to feed the Savings Bubble, even more, Neo-Liberal agenda for the top 5%. So they can go out and speculate on Stocks bonds etc.. while people like you are subjected undignified jobs such as peeling gum off my sidewalk and planting flowers in my neighborhood. Creating an untouchable society in the 21st century!