Paris Trampoline Bridge, tag your bestfriend

Jamila Jamz Metedad
Toka Litheko your man takes you to Paris but tells you that if you don’t do this with him he’s gonna cancel your whole itinerary and you’re gonna have to walk home… What do you do?

Becky Bear
Timothy Richardson Ciara Duval i know you guys would not resist the urge to do this if givin the chance along with our kids. Maybe in our futures


Karyn Cynewski
I will pay super duper good money for you and ralphie to do this!!!! I bet Stefanie McCowan will pitch in too!!!

Felicia Gladden
Ally Smith Jacob Brown and meeee #honeymoongoals haha Jeremy Davidson you can come jump too haha ..!!! 😉

Candance Coleman
Torian Johnson they told me to tag you… why? Idk because my ass can’t swim so I don’t mess around and will not mess around lol

Samiira Khan
Nadim Ahmed think we should try these trampolines instead ????????

Carolina Macias
Why do I have this image of one of us breaking a leg on this shit ??


Tony Wishart
Steph wanna make it up too me? Take me here n we’re quits ??
I’d most likely somehow fall into the water

Sherry Vang
Thao with my luck I would end up falling off. Lol.

Jessica Yeung
Amber Heston this is so cool!!

Amanda Freisinger
How fun! I would be scared shitless but it would be so neat!!!!

Mirta Manriquez
Gaby Ambriz one of the places we should go in the future

Taylor Renee
Zeddie Curel we all should move that looks fun do u think jai would like it?


Emma Stenhouse
She should have gone here in Paris not a limp dick cafe Haydie James

Tashalei Nomee
Marisol Doporto you mean to tell me you went to France and didn’t go on here? Jk lol

Shafaq Raja-Sheikh
Christy we would have so much fun… Plus you would be my lifeguard ??

Fred Beem
That would be fun,like recess before work and after…

David Hughes
I can see people landing on each other and hit each other in the air