Paleo cheat sheet

If you ever need a reminder about what to eat & avoid, and words to look for when shopping, check out my paleo cheat sheet that you can also find in Meals Made Simple!


1. I am very allergic to grass. Does this come through in grass fed meat?

I’m not sure as everyone is different! I would suggest seeing an Allergist and getting their professional opinion.

2. My husband is very sensitive to white potato. Does sweet potato typically cause the same problems for people or would it most likely be safe for him to eat?

No they are very different. He may be sensitive to white potatoes because they are in the nightshade family, but sweet potatoes are not.

3. I’m new to this… But why avoid beans? 

Check out Mark Sisson’s view on beans/legumes– Like Carrie said, many people with auto-immune diseases can’t tolerate beans. Everyone is different though!

4. What if you tolerate white potato okay?

If you can tolerate it then you should eat it and enjoy it! 🙂 I believe that eating this way is more of a guideline not a strict set of rules. Everyone’s body is different and can tolerate different things so this is just outlining things that most people have trouble with and things that can be hard for our bodies to handle. If you find that you can tolerate some things listed above, that’s awesome!
5. what about fingerling potatoes?

Like I said above, all standard potatoes (by that I mean basically every kind of potato that isn’t a form of a sweet potato) is in the nightshade family which many people find is hard for their system to handle. If you can tolerate them though, then that’s awesome!

6. Pork and bacon are not healthy fats
If they are uncured, nitrate free, and pasture raised pigs, I believe they are just fine.