FAKEMMT Mike “mousy boy” Norman vs REAL MACRO PUREMMT

Mousy boy

1. He told you, Higher rates are bad for the dollar! SHORT THE DOLLAR “MOTHER OF ALL SHORTS!” WRONG!

   I told you it was NOT bearish for the dollar.

2. He told you to BUY GOLD BUY SILVER! Based on MMT understanding. WRONG!

   I told you dont buy Gold and Silver at $1360.

3. He told you Rates Crossed the line of 3% they are going MUCH MUCH HIGHER!! Based on MMT understanding. WRONG!

    I told you that was economic garbage rates will fall.

4. He told you to buy Oil on rediculous EIA reports, China being a price setter, weak dollar blah! blah! WRONG!

I told you Short Oil above $74

5. He told you that inflation would rise due to higher rates is printing money and it adds to private sector INCOME. WRONG!

   I told you there will be no inflation due to higher rates it adds to income for the savings bubble. 3 plus years later inflation 1.9%. Even with $1 trillion deficts!

6. He Told you twice the market was in the “GREAT UNWINDING” & “BLOW OFF TOP” based on rediculous fiscal useless flows. WRONG!!

   I told you bullschitt! Market was fine going higher.

7. He told you that the FED raising rates will make the economy stronger. WRONG!

    I told you bullschitt he is putting the cart ahead of the horse. FED is raising rates because the economy is getting stronger.

Clearly Mike Norman (MR. ALL PROFITS) doesn’t have a fucken clue as to what he is talking about in macro economics because he is using #FAKEMMT. Everything he got ass backwards. Disastrous calls to say the least.

He does know how to keep saying he is “always right” and making fake accounts to make comments “Mike you got it all right” that he is an expert at.

Bow he is telling you that he will keep his dollar shot when the FED clearly said rates are on pause. Why would he hold the dollar if the thesis was higher rates are bearish for $? See what I mean? He just says shit for the sake of saying it and doesnt follow his own thesis.

He is also now telling you that pausing rates will be negetive for economic growth. WRONG AGAIN! FED is pausing because we are near the end of the economic cycle and does not want to push the economy into slower growth.

IMMT Dollar Up Mike Norman FIRED UP!

Just like I told you inverted yield curve was bullschitt since deficts are rising. With rates paused, now it is up to the private sector to produce higher earnings to add value to stocks. Debt driven stock buy backs are at lows. That means that companies have to either put up or shut up. It is that simple. If job growth continues 150k and above and wages continue to outpace inflation I don’t see a problem with pushing higher stock prices. But not tomorrow or the day after. We are talking macro economics here.

Dollar index remains in an uptrend so long as it can hold above 92. There is some good evidence suggesting it can hit 1.20 and oil tanking back down hard. I wont get into that here. Gold on reason to be going up upside limited. Bonds flat. Emerging markets cheap as fuck!

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