Dream Play Act: Gamification for Action

Three months ago together with another two active girls we have initiated the project which is aimed at gamification of educational processes and participatory renovation of post-soviet school yards – “Мрій Грай Дій: Gamification for Action” (Мрій Грай Дій – Dream Play Act in Ukrainian). We have invited media educator from Germany, Andreas Gottschalt, an expert in Minecraft for Education, to lead the workshops in two Ukrainian schools.

It was the first time in these and maybe all Ukrainian schools when children were playing in Minecraft officially, as a project team, creating something useful for them. They were never taught in architecture or city planning, have never seen any of those amazing examples of modern school yards abroad – nothing that could actually help them analyze the space around them, understand what they need and what would be great to have around. But only after two days of analyzing their space, they have suggested, and then visualized in Minecraft what they actually want: science center, renovated sport center, outdoor library, tree house, wi-fi spots, bike parking, etc. Look at their project created without any help in 5 hours after 6 hours of analyzing and discussion:

Now we are at Ukrainian crowdfunding platform so we can build at least basic things that children wish to have. So I am asking you to support this initiative and me doing that in any amount you wish. Any suggestions and spreading the word about this project will be helpful as well! Here is the step-by-step instruction how to support the proiect in Ukrainian (yes, there is no English version on the site:) :