As we celebrate the 4th of July, the FAKEMMTERS, anti American bears, the “it’s never good enough” Soviet enthusiast are getting their asses kicked by capitalism!

As we all celebrate just a little over 200 years we have a 4×4 on the Moon, 5% of population producing 25% of global GDP, (IF THAT IS NOT NEAR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVE OUTPUT THAN NOTHING CAN BE!) 3.8% unemployment, #JOLTS less than 1 historical low 6.7 million job openings with only 6.3 million looking for a job, longest job expansion in history! Record high stock market, on massive decade long bull run, low interest rates, stable prices, real wage growth, no recession in a decade, mightiest military on the planet, etc.. U.S.A!!!

But you know what?? FAKEMMTERS deep state alternative media, like the former liberatarian FREE MARKET idiots! Refuse to acknowledge USA capitalism’s, great accomplishments! They will always say “ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH” driven by political idealogical bullschitt, Free Lunches, anti American rhetoric! Which has nothing to do with Real World Economics and PUREMMT!

PUREMMT fully acknowledges the wonderful accomplishments USA has accomplished and the chlanges of fixing inequility, WITHOUT PRINT PRINT PRINT which only makes inequility wirse to serve the Neo Liberal Agenda! PUREMMT knows Deficits only serve the top 5% who save the vast majority of those deficits and only serve in good times to feed the SAVINGS BUBBLE for the top 5%.

We need an ecosystem feed back loop between functional and nonfunctional parts of the private sector where savings is invested in real productive assets and not speculated in asset classes. Where we create wage growth through less hours worked over th course of a year to create human capital scarcity which will force businesses to invest in Americans!! Not deficits, PRINT PRINT PRINT, YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO, free lunches, JG 3rd class citizens doing unproductive work.

Single payer healthcare, improved more cost effective ways with deficits if required to educate our youth and keep them healthy with a good wage to be able to save their share. NOT JUST SUSTAIN LIFE IN A JG!

Reducing hours worked is the simplest way to drive idle savings from savers to the functional economy giving all American access to the SAVINGS BUBBLE. Everyone benefits, by staying in their field of studies, working less to spend time with their families while their wages grow and 95% can save too!

That is making America Great! That is making MMT Great! THE PUREMMT discritpion not the FAKEMMT prescription!! PRINT PRINT PRINT! 3RD CLASS CITIZENS SOVIET JOB GUARANTEE BULLSCHITT!