8 SEO Basic Tips to Rank on the Top Results in Google

Your website cannot provide desired result, even if it has attractive content or beautifully designed, unless you outsource your SEO in Bangkok. In fact, all the search engines including Yahoo, Bing and Google focus on certain basic things regarding website development and SE° while optimising the rank of a website on result pages. Few basic tips required for website development in Bangkok to rank the website on the top results in Google are discussed here under for your consideration.

1. Keywords
One of the most important basic SEO techniques to improve the rank of a website on goggle is right placement of keywords in the entire content of a website. It will help the searcher in searching for information regarding a particular product or service offered by you through your website.
2. Page titles
In order to display as well as to appear on the top of the search engine results search engines use the title of the page. This title tag tells the web searcher about the content of your page. Google usually support the page titles that have characters between 50 and 60. So while giving a title to your page you should keep it precise, relevant and attractive.
3. Meta Tags
Meta tags are the small pieces of text that describes the content of your page. Though it does not appear on your page but still it has code of your page. Meta tags are more or less look like the tags used on blogs. They help search engines to know about the content of your web page.
4. ALT Tags
Alternative text descriptions or alt Tags are the descriptive words printed with each video and image displayed on your website. Search engines locate your web page with the help of these Alt Tags along with keywords found in the description of your videos and images as well as all through your entire website.
5. Page loading speed
As per the announcement made by Google, the loading speed of a web page can be a factor that can affect the rank of that web page in its index of mobile-first websites. Though you can get decent ranking on SERP even if your website is extremely slow but you can get better results if the loading speed of your web page is fast.
6. Sitemaps
The page that creates and lists links to all the major online pages on your website is known as a sitemap. It helps web searchers to find your web pages more relevantly and quickly. So if you want that the net surfers as well as real customers can find your page just with few clicks then you must link it with a sitemap.
7. JSON mark-up language
JSON or JavaScript Object Notation mark-up language plays a great role in search engine rank optimisation as it provides a content that is easily indexable for the search engines. It provides resources that can create data that is easily readable for the machine and to promote its rank on the search results.
8. Mobile Site
The increasing use of mobile devices for searching online has made it necessary to develop websites that has mobile friendly interface. Such website will get higher rank in Google search results.
In video you find 3 SEO strategies that will boost your rankings.