5 Considerations Before Purchasing Your Next Vault Lock

Whether you’re a realtor or someone who’s just looking add an extra layer of security to your home, vault locks represent a solid investment for anyone hoping to keep their property under literal lock and key. In short, the benefits of vault locks are three-fold:

  • You’re afforded flexibility when it comes to letting someone else access your property (think: you’re not tied to doling out spare keys to friends, family or clients).
  • Spare key hiding places become a concept of the past, which ultimately gives you peace of mind.
  • Vault locks double as secret storage: larger boxes allow you to leave more than just keys for your guests.

That being said, not all vault locks are created equal. Likewise, making the most of your vault lock means paying special attention to its features and the finer details of setup. Before you make your decision on the best vault locks for your property, keep the following in mind.

Forget About Plastic

The material of your vault lock plays an obvious regarding what it can handle from potential threats. Although you may be able to find lockboxes made from high-impact plastic, steel is obviously ideal to avoid potential break-ins. Considering that a vault lock is all about peace of mind, there’s no reason not to invest in a sturdier material such as steel.

Choose a Tried-and-Trusted Brand

When you do your homework on home security, you’ll notice that there’s a massive community of people trying to figure out how to crack locks of any type. Therefore, it’s important to choose a tried-and-trusted brand of lock with a serious reputation. Ratings and reviews are helpful to figuring out a glance which lock brands are worth your time.

The More Digits, The Better

Generally speaking, most locks have either a three-digit or four-digit combinations. In the case of vault locks, having more digits for your combination is an added bonus. After all, that extra digit provides you with thousands of potential combination codes. Also, remember that vault locks come with a default combination: it’s ultimately up to you to pick a combination that can’t easily be guessed or figured out. Perhaps the best way to do this is to come up with a PIN-style combination that isn’t obvious (think: no birthdays or anniversaries). Take Care of Your Combination You need to take special care of where you keep your combination written, both physically and digitally. In an era of widespread security breaches and identity theft, not keeping a close eye on your combination could open your property up to potential threats. For example, try to avoid mentioning your combination in email or text chains that intruders could find. Ideally, only tell others your combination via face-to-face conversation or a phone call to avoid your combination floating around. If you suspect that there’s been a security snafu, you always have the option of simply changing the combination accordingly.

Make Sure Installation is Easy

Finally, vault locks should be simple to install and remove so you can move it from property to property when the time comes. Pick a vault lock that can be easily installed without a slew of complicated tools and can likewise be removed if necessary.

Purchasing vault locks may seem like a relatively straightforward task. That being said, details such as the specifics of your combination and the material of your lock make a significant difference when it comes to keeping your property safe.